The Alley


I caught this short alley walking home the other day on Calvert Street. Funny, I’ve must have walked past it a few hundred times in the last year, but just this once, I happened to look up, or left, or whatever it was.

I must be in a finding mode.

Last week I had a similar experience, perhaps a foreshadow of this picture – I walked, literally, upon a hidden road winding its way down into a DC crevice.

Anyways, that’s another post.

porto alegre, rs, br

hd, porto alegre, rs, br

We cruised downtown today, my handler expressing guilt in doing her job and doing it well. Recent spats of public muggings – perhaps, as was suggested, a result of increased tourism from upcoming world cup construction – limited outdoor exposure with any unconcealed equipment – especially those of the less-than-brazilian nature (me).

2012-10-02 11.28.47_9x12s

A destination was the IberĂȘ Camargo Foundation Museum. Four exterior photos were selected, edited, refined, and settled on – three of which were shelved for the last, as a quick interweb result revealed few others had dissimilar results.

2012-10-02 11.52.27_3x11s

Unfortunately, only two of the four or five floors were open for viewing.

Fortunately, the second revealed downtown from a different perspective.

2012-10-02 11.56.25

Overall, the ICFM reveals flavors of Meier-High and Wright-SRG with its own unique twist of light and air with the seemingly paper-lite appendages.